Regulatory Research


Organizations are faced with ever evolving regulation and legislation that impacts the way you conduct your business, as well as what information you are required to review, keep, disclose, and dispose of.  The rules and regulations associated with running a business or offering services in multiple Countries, States, Provence, and industry sectors adds an additional layer of rigor that needs to be considered to adhere to the respective rules.

Entium has more than 15 years records management experience and understands the legislative and regulatory issues that affect corporate governance, risk management and compliance programs  to ensure your organization’s records remain compliant and are managed in accordance with the increasing legislative and regulatory requirements.

We maintain our own comprehensive database of records retention-related legislation for over 70 countries, as well as conduct legislative research to identify laws and other regulatory guidance that apply to your specific business records.   This process results in a clearly defined retention policy and schedule that can be consistently applied across your organization, supporting your legal and compliance requirements to reduce risks.

  • Leverage existing research which drastically reduces the cost associated with independent research projects
  • Ensure documents are records schedules are based on the correct legislation and regulation
  • Mitigate risk associated with lack of knowledge related to new legislation and regulation
  • Retention research to build a legally compliant retention schedule
  • Privacy research related to the transborder transmittal of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and the protection of PII
  • Legality of records leaving their native country
  • Storage, language and media specific requirements for record keeping
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