Records Management Implementation


Records Management is a practice that allows an organization to manage the full life cycle of a document (record) from creation to archiving and disposition.  The practice is governed by the ISO 15489 standard which provides guidance on:

  • Regulatory environment
  • Policy and responsibilities
  • Records management requirements
  • Design and implementation of a records system
  • Records management processes and controls
  • Monitoring and auditing
  • Training

These guidance areas encompass both physical and electronic records for any organization. The collection of records typically includes contracts, email, documents, financial documents, voice-mail, company records or a variety of other types that is created or received by your organization.

While many organizations have either put in a Records Management Program, or partially adopted Records Management principals the one element that is most often overlooked is the monitoring, auditing and training aspects.  Ask for Entium’s scorecard assessment of you Records Program to fully understand if you are achieving the best value for your organization.

Entium works with our customers to understand the variety of issues, complexities, and processes that encompass content practices at your organization and recommend and implement the best possible solution, which is based on many years of experience in the industry.

  • Deep Understanding of your RM program’s value to the organization
  • Policy Standards and Procedures assessed based on industry best practices
  • Leverage the best in class technologies for your RM program
  • Score Card Assessment of your Records Program
  • Strategic Records Improvement Plans – Improve document integrity, accession, handling, and disposition processes
  • Enterprise Records Management Policies – Provide consistency across your enterprise to effectively manage and control information
  • Electronic Records and Electronic Mail Policies and Procedures – Apply records management best practices to your email platform
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