Information Governance


Organizations are faced with unprecedented data growth – upwards of 50% each year.  At the same time regulatory pressures are changing the landscape of what has to be retained and for how long.  Current ECM systems and SharePoint have many capabilities for exposing metadata to users but fall short with respect to providing a unified method for managing metadata in a variety of systems across the enterprise.  This shortfall of metadata management, while at the same time giving the users unprecedented access to metadata, is a source of user confusion and improper document classification and ultimately poor data management. Your organization’s Information Governance Plan can help make sense of it all.

The need for an organization to align itself with thousands of regulations, maintain records just long enough to satisfy the regulators, prepare reports in a timely manner and if it comes to it respond to an e-discovery request all require that the company is organized, efficient and understands where the data is maintained. Information Governance allows your organization to do this and mitigate the impact that these activities have to your bottom line.

Currently, the Governance Committee (or individual) needs to be able to work with and speak the language of IT/IS, Records Managers, Legal, Compliance, and Risk Management.  They also need to understand how a proposed change to a policy can ripple through an organization and impact organizational efficiency.

Entium works with customers to find the Governance program that is right for your organization.  We base our analysis  on the types of content you produce, the systems in which it is stored, the policies that need to be applied and what process, strategy and technology needs to be implemented to resolve disjointed efforts and streamline this practice.

  • Ability to mitigate e-discovery requests
  • Best Practices for unstructured data management
  • Mapping of Regulatory Issues to your information
  • Information Governance Strategy
  • Information Governance Framework
  • Regulatory Issues Matrix
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