Education and Training


Excellence in education is more vital than ever to ensuring a maximum return on our customers’ investment in their people and technology. Entium Professional Services provide a variety of custom training courses developed specifically for business users to enable them to be more effective in their jobs.

Our courses provide comprehensive and role focused training to ensure our customers are fully educated to make the best possible use of their specific solution. Our Education Specialists work with business leaders, end users, IT professionals, and training groups to develop and execute the training and education strategy needed to meet the ever-evolving needs of today’s organizations.

Courses are typically delivered at the customer site or via web enablement technologies which range from modular product introductions to more intensive process training.

  • Ensure users have the knowledge to comply with corporate governance practices
  • Mitigate the risk associated with misunderstood records management practices
  • Maximize user adoption through focusing on useful features for the users’ role
  • Reduce unnecessary costs associated with independent learning curve
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