ECM Implementation


Electronic Content Management is the suite of software that can manage the full life cycle of a document from creation to disposition and usually includes the ability to archive records based on criteria to alternate media.  The collection of this data is typically referred to as unstructured content, upon which internal and regulatory controls must be placed. This unstructured content may include contracts, email, documents, financial spreadsheets, reports, voice-mail, company vital records or a variety of other types of content that is created by your organization.  In fact, analyst estimate that 80% of corporate content is unstructured.

Most organizations have taken initial steps to manage this type of content, but are still faced with many challenges, including:

  • multiple content management systems and numerous content sources;
  • systems that have their own terminology and methodology for handling records;
  • silos of systems may have a copy of a record that is contained in another system;
  • content that is still being stored on shared drives or users’ personal devices;
  • legacy content management systems that have become sluggish and nearly impossible to navigate.

Entium works with our customers to understand the variety of issues, complexities, and processes that ecompass content practices at your organization and recommend and implement the best possible solution, which is based on many years of experience in the industry.

  • Clear outside perspective on your information
  • Best practices for implementing and managing data
  • ECM Implementation Road Map
  • Unstructured Data Gap Analysis
  • Strategic Records Improvement Plan

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