a.k.a. Governance and Taxonomy Software by Synercon

Effective Records Information Management (RIM) taxonomies are carefully designed arrangements of terms (metadata) developed to support an organizations requirements. Generally speaking, terms are arranged in a taxonomy based on the content management practices which can be simple lists or hierarchies used for searching and/or browsing, or a more complex arrangement developed to support a range of information governance processes such as access, privacy and records retention.

a.k.a. Information Governance and Taxonomy Management provides an integrated solution allowing organizations to build a multiplicity of taxonomies and controlled vocabularies by combining entities and relationships in many different ways including:

  • Lists
  • Hierarchies
  • File plans
  • Thesauri
  • Data maps
  • Entity models
  • Organizational structures
  • Workflows and processes

Taxonomy terms are linked to other information management controls such as retention rules, records types, legislation and/or stakeholder requirements, which provide broader descriptions and interpretations of the rules.

The software provides a streamlined management platform by which your organization can significantly reduce the time and effort associated with taxonomy development, deployment, as well as the integration into industry standard ECM and Records Management packages, such as Open Text, TRIM, and Microsoft SharePoint.

Key Features
  • Import legacy data
  • Create and edit terms and entities
  • Link terms and entities
  • Test schemes for integrity
  • Seek approval through reporting and publishing online
  • Deploy and utilize a vast range of records and information management (RIM) systems.

a.k.a. Information Governance and Taxonomy Management software is a proven leader in taxonomy management and is currently used by over 350 organizations around the world.

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