Open Text Record Management

Deliver complete, comprehensive lifecycle management for all of your corporate records and information holdings, in paper or electronic format

OpenText Records Management delivers records management functions and capabilities to provide full lifecycle document management and records management for the entire enterprise.

  • Meet U.S. Department of Defense standard 5015.2 regulations
  • Minimize exposure to risk• Improve productivity
  • Ensure the integrity of corporate holdings
  • Increase user adoption
  • Reduce deployment cost
  • Scale your system
  • Full compliance with VERS v2.0

Records Management empowers everyone in your organization to file all corporate holdings according to the organizational policies, thereby ensuring regulatory compliance and reducing the risks associated with audit and litigation. Records Management enables all users to access records management functions from a standard Web browser. By providing a common interface to access all forms of information, such as images, paper, word processing documents, spreadsheets and email, Records Management provides an automated system that removes the complexities of electronic records management, making processes transparent to your end users.

  • Enhance search capabilities with metadata: With the appropriate permissions, records managers can easily apply classification metadata to submitted documents to enhance search capabilities. Metadata is indexed and can be used to more easily find, retrieve and generate reports on documents based on your custom criteria.
  • Synchronize retention and disposition rules with classifications: Records Management invokes retention and disposition rules immediately upon the classification of a record.
  • Support physical storage requirements: Records Management includes the ability to manage physical items such as paper records, equipment, and more, adding representative object graphics to electronic storage repositories. In addition, it supports the use of XML-based color labels and barcode labels for physical records such as folders, boxes and shelves directly from within the Records Management interface.
  • Enable periodic record review: Administrators can periodically review vital records to ensure appropriate classification and disposition.• Control access at any level of granularity: All Records Management objects have Access Control Lists. In addition, security settings can be modified globally.
  • Provide comprehensive Records Series Identifier functionality: Records Management enables users to: Create Record Series Identifiers (RSI) to define a disposition schedule for each RSI. Create RSI Apply rules that define which records belong with what RSI. Apply Rule searches to return documents that are marked with an RSI value. Create a File Plan with which an RSI or a Records Management object can be associated.
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