Open Text Email Management

Reduce costs and mitigate the risks of compliance and litigation concerning email content

Whether you are a compliance officer developing policies and procedures to avoid non-compliance, the chief legal counsel managing the discovery process for an ongoing legal dispute, or an IT administrator concerned with the rising costs of your email system, the Email Management component of the OpenText ECM Suite addresses the breadth of your organization’s email problems, including:

  • The escalating cost of your Microsoft or Lotus email system, as you purchase additional servers to counter diminished performance and dwindling storage space, and struggle to plan and execute backups.
  • The inability to assess, identify, manage, and destroy the business content stored in email records in accordance with regulations and internal policies.
  • The need to address strict mandates around how email is captured, supervised, and retained, such as those mandated by SEC 17a-4 and NASD 400.
  • The risk of being unable to produce email records subpoenaed in litigation, and the very real consequence of fines and sanctions.
  • The frustration of users who are deleting important content in order to meet imposed mailbox storage limits.

The Email Management component of the OpenText ECM Suite is characterized by a centralized foundation of compliant archiving and records management, enabling you to securely store, manage and retrieve email content and ensure regulatory compliance. Our storage media partners include Hitachi, StorageTek, EMC and NetApps.

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