KineMatik Electronic Laboratory Notebook

Kinematik’s Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) module provides collaborative electronic capture, storage and reporting of all research (data, information and knowledge) generated throughout the R&D lifecycle. Its familiar Content Server interface facilitates an easy transition from the traditional paper-based recording of experimentation. It offers seamless collaboration of data generated by laboratories across projects, groups and research sites.

  • Electronic execution of SOPs and Procedures: Configuration of the ELN allows for structured or unstructured following of SOPs and Procedures ensuring that the data is captured, audited and signed off in a validated environment.
  • Comprehensive Data Capture and Historical Search: Kinematik’s collaborative ELN captures all data, information and knowledge generated regardless of the format and provides full historical searching capabilities.
  • Peripheral information capture: Science is all about collecting information to ensure that the same experiment can be performed in a repeatable manner. As such, all records currently store what was done, by whom, when and what the result was. What is generally forgotten, are the decisions as to why these experiments were conducted the way that they were.
  • Ease of use. Kinematik’s ELN module can be used both in free form and highly structured environments. ELN and Experiment templates efficiently create pre-populated  workspaces ensuring compliance. The solution has one generic interface that accommodates all users whether they are Chemists, Biologists, Agricultural scientists, Energy Researchers or Engineers.
  • IP protection and compliance. Kinematik’s ELN module provides complete IP protection of all discoveries and is configurable to be fully 21 CFR Part 11 and GMP compliant.
  • Automated reporting. Kinematik’s ELN module provides automated generation of experimental PDF reports, auto initiation of workflows for approval and electronic signatures.
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