Open Text Enterprise Content Management Suite

End-to-end management as content flows through critical processes

Global organizations face complex and daunting challenges in managing the business content they create and receive. But these challenges are also an opportunity to increase productivity and compliance and to reduce storage costs.Today’s information workers are creating and editing ever-increasing volumes of content, often collaborating with internal peers and external stakeholders.

Deadlines are tight, email inboxes are clogged, and understanding whether the right person has the right version at the right time is often needlessly confusing and time consuming, reducing productivity.Compliance officers and General Counsels are worried that by not identifying and managing content appropriately (business records and non business records), users are increasing the organization’s exposure to risk. And IT is watching storage costs balloon as they have no effective way to identify duplications in email attachments and file shares, what is important to keep, for how long, and what can safely be pushed to lower-cost storage media. Managing, controlling, and securing content is critical to an organization’s overall information governance strategy.

OpenText ECM Suite, Content Lifecycle Management gives organizations the right mix of industry leading Enterprise Content Management tools to manage content throughout its entire lifecycle and orchestrate people, process, and content to create business value and achieve strategic success. This integrated offering helps increase productivity through imaging, document management, as well as graphical and intuitive workflow. It minimizes the risks and costs associated with content through its top-ranked records management and archiving capabilities.

Your foundational investment in Content Lifecycle Management will allow you to:

  • Integrate content into business processes and manage it as a critical business asset
  • Deliver and share content in its full business context• Enhance content security and integrity throughout its lifecycle
  • Integrate seamlessly with other strategic vendors
  • Manage large volumes of information
  • Increase personal and team productivity
  • Meet corporate mandates to reduce risk
  • Reduce storage costs and total cost of ownership
  • Fully featured, highly scalable, Web-based document management provides a secure, single repository for organizing and sharing enterprise content.
  • Workflow automates processes, such as change requests and approval, for accuracy and consistency. Processes can be designed graphically, according to corporate or regulatory standards.
  • Imaging transforms physical records into valuable digital assets. Scanned information is indexed and classified with customizable metadata to make it fully searchable.
  • Records management enables full lifecycle management of all enterprise content, electronic or physical, enabling you to control retention and ensure destruction at the right time.
  • Intelligent storage management optimizes storage according to business context and metadata, leveraging less expensive media and provides high-end storage reduction services.
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